Microstrip Hairpin filter


WaveCon was started in 1989 offering filter design software for parallel coupled interdigital and combline filters particularly for microstrip and stripline applications.  Parfil was the first design program offered.  Parfil has been significantly upgraded including capability for design of flat group delay filters and for designs with an intervening opening between rods.  Since offering Parfil,  three new programs have been added. 

Elliptic was added to provide design capability for elliptic filter frequency response.  Elliptic includes design information for both cross-coupled and elliptic filters.  Adding rods or lines which couple to the first and last filter rods provides two additional zeros to achieve the desired elliptic filter response.  Folding a filter so that rods or lines couple between internal  rods is known as cross-coupling.  Due to phase cancellation an elliptic type response is achieved from this filter design approach.  At lower frequencies, capacitors can be used for the cross coupling.

ProCAP is a nodal analysis program especially developed for use with Parfil and Elliptic.  It has over 100 circuit elements which may be used in a circuit design.  Nodal circuit equivalents for many designs made in Parfil or Elliptic may be imported into ProCap. This permits adding other circuit elements such as circuit elements to forma diplexer between two filters designed by Parfil.   It also is useful for doing a sensitivity Monte Carlo analysis on a particular design.


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