Price: 595.00

Text Box: Parfil designs 20 different coupled line and transmission line filters. Designs are available in microstrip, stripline, rectangular bar, round rod and coaxial line media.  Butterworth, Chebychev, and flat group delay frequency response may be designed.


Price: 595.00

Elliptic designs 8 filter types having elliptic type response.  These designs are also in microstrip, stripline, rectangular bar and round rod media round rod media.  It includes designs for filters with 2 elliptic zero’s as well as cross-coupled filters.


Price: 595.00

ProCAP is an nodal analysis program developed particularly for analyzing filters developed in Parfil or Elliptic.  It allows inclusion of a wide variety of circuit elements along with the filter design.


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Combined Product Pricing:

Parfil with Elliptic:                                                    1095.00

Parfil with ProCAP                                                    1095.00

Elliptic with ProCAP                                                 1095.00

Parfil with Elliptic and ProCAP                               1595.00

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