LineComp analyzes or synthesizes eighteen  different single and coupled line transmission lines.  Data is supplied in tabular and graphical form for either English or Metric units.  These are:


SHIELDED MICROSTRIP has a metal conductor strip plated on a dielectric sheet with a bottom groundplane plated on the opposite side of the sheet as shown below.  The analysis/synthesis may include a top shield if desired.









STRIPLINE consists of a single conductor strip sandwiched between two dielectric sheets with  groundplanes plated on the opposite sides.





A typical Analysis/Synthesis window is shown on the right. Input physical and electrical parameters are entered on the left of the menu.  Computed parameters are on the right of the window.  A  drawing of the line to be synthesized/analyzed is also shown.

A top menu is provided for printing or saving the window.  You may also select to include an optional title or change the units to a variety of metric or English units.

If desired you may plot the output data over a range of values or print out a numerical tabulation over a range of values.

OFFSET STRIPLINE consists of a single conductor strip plated on a dielectric sheet suspended between two  groundplanes.









BROADSIDE  STRIPLINE  has a single conductor strip oriented vertically with respect to the groundplanes.









ROUND ROD STRUCTURE consists of a single rod between two groundplanes.  A dielectric material may fill the spaces.